Proposed Elevated Pedestrian Walkway
Convention Center to Penn Station

2006 July

Blackley, Katie. "Where Do The Abandoned Third Set Of Tracks At Steel Plaza Lead?"
WESA-FM 90.5, Pittsburgh 2019 May 27.

"Cleveland mulls skywalks as other cities shun them."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review/Associated Press 2013 March 30.

* 2006 March 22
Long-Range Planning Committee, Allegheny County Transit Council --
Report on Committee Actions of 2006 March 22
Regarding Easier Pedestrian Access between the
David L. Lawrence Convention Center and the
Rapid Transit Station, Located at the Pennsylvania Railroad Station (“Penn Station”),
of Port Authority of Allegheny County
Resolution (Approved by a unanimous vote) *** Memorandum to Transit Council Membership

* Port Authority of Allegheny County Proposal to Defer Construction of Proposed
Convention Center Extension of Downtown Subway System
* 2006 January - Official Public Comments Submitted on Proposed Project Revision:
Allegheny County Transit Council (ACTC) *** Glenn A. Walsh


* From the Pittsburgh City Paper, Pittsburgh - 2005 October 13:
The T Stops … Where? Writer: Julie Mickens Regarding proposal for elevated walkway to Penn Station replacing proposed Convention Center subway spur.


* Proposal - 2005 August 24:
Elevated Pedestrian Walkway, Convention Center to Penn Station
Proposal unanimously approved for forwarding to the
Executive Committee of the Allegheny County Transit Council for consideraton,
at the 2005 August 24 Joint Meeting of:
Long-Range Planning Committee [Chair: Jonathan Robison], Allegheny County Transit Council and
Technology Committee [Chair: Stu Strickland], Allegheny County Transit Council
Original Suggestion By Glenn A. Walsh; Draft Proposal By Stu Strickland.

Basic Proposal
Addendum: Table S-1: Study Area Goals and Objectives
[Addendum from the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), North Shore Connector project]