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Pittsburgh, June 16 – In a June 11 letter, Port Authority of Allegheny County Board Chairman John A. Brooks violated the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act, by denying public transit advocate Glenn A. Walsh the opportunity to address the PAT Board, at the Board’s monthly meeting on June 25. Even though Mr. Walsh had complied with all of the requirements of the Port Authority Board Policy on addressing Board meetings, Mr. Brooks wrote: “Regarding your letter of June 9, 2004, your request to speak to the Port Authority Board at its meeting of June 25, 2004 is respectfully denied.”


In a June 15 letter to Mr. Brooks, Mr. Walsh pointed-out that this denial is a violation of the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act. Mr. Walsh asked Mr. Brooks to reconsider this action.


However, Mr. Walsh also wrote, “So, if your decision is not reconsidered, I have the right under the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act to verbally object to the proceedings, when the Board meeting agenda reaches the New Business section. As this objection is protected by the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act, the chairman of the meeting does not have the right to rule me out-of-order; my objection must be heard and considered by the Board.”


The reason Mr. Walsh wished to address the PAT Board on June 25, was to reply to a letter Mr. Walsh received from PAT Chief Executive Officer Paul Skoutelas, which was a response to Mr. Walsh’s address before the PAT Board on April 23. In the April 23 statement, Mr. Walsh alerted the PAT Board that $2 million of taxpayers’ money would be completely wasted if PAT’s plans to abandon a never-used rail storage yard at Penn Station, part of the proposed “North Shore Connector” rail expansion project, is implemented.




Letter from Glenn A. Walsh to John A. Brooks, 2004 June 15

(Stating that PAT has violated Pennsylvania Sunshine Act):

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Letter from John A. Brooks to Glenn A. Walsh, 2004 June 11

(Denying request to address PAT Board):

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Letter from Glenn A. Walsh to John A. Brooks, 2004 June 9

(Request to address PAT Board):

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Statement of Glenn A. Walsh before the PAT Board, 2004 April 23

(Abandonment of never-used rail yard at Penn Station would result in complete waste of $2 million of taxpayers’ money.)

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