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2008 December 18


Good afternoon. I am Glenn A. Walsh of 633 Royce Avenue, Mt. Lebanon, a regular viewer and a member of WQED Multimedia. Today, I am representing no formal organization.


Last July, Paul Byers reported to you that, with the conversion to a digital signal, the potential reach of WQEX would expand from the present 1.7 million viewers in analog to 2.8 million viewers in digital. This is yet another reason to never sell-off this extremely valuable resource of WQED Multimedia!


I continue to hope that some day the primary WQEX channel can return to its original educational mission, probably supported with advertising on the now-commercial channel. However, I would have no problem with marketing the WQEX digital sub-channels to help support WQEX.


Last September, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette television reporter Rob Owen reported that no decision has been made regarding how to use the WQEX digital sub-channels. I know George Miles is always looking for ways to bring in more revenue—so, George, I have a tip for you.


Call Channel 4 and offer to rebroadcast Channel 4’s two digital channels on the WQEX sub-channels. Why? Well, I live in the South Hills, and even with an outdoor antenna, I cannot receive Channel 4’s digital channels, except for brief and sporadic times when I receive a much degraded picture. Other family members living nearby also cannot receive Channel 4’s digital channels.


As things stand now, come February, I will have to watch ABC Network television programs on Channel 23 out of Altoona, which is rebroadcast on a digital sub-channel of Channel 8 out of Johnstown. Yes, I can receive digital channels from Johnstown, but I cannot receive Channel 4’s digital channels!


By broadcasting Channel 4’s digital channels on the WQEX digital sub-channels, Channel 4 would have more complete coverage of Pittsburgh and WQED Multimedia would generate more revenue—a win-win for everyone! And, the day the primary WQEX channel can afford to return to its educational mission may be even closer.


Thank you.