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  Extension Project                            2005 June 24


I wish to reply to Bob Dickey's editorials regarding the "North Shore 
Connector" rapid transit project.
First, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate KQV on 30 years 
of all-news radio. I have been listening for the entire 30 years, and 
I hope to be listening for, at least, another 30 years.
Yes, the construction cost of the North Shore Connector rapid transit 
project is high. But it must be remembered that such capital projects 
are built, not just for the people living today, but for people of the 
So long as these tunnels are built well, and maintained properly 
through the years, there is no reason these tunnels should not last, 
at least, 50 to 75 years without a major overhaul. When you divide the 
project cost by the number of people who will use this transit 
extension within the next 50-75 years, this enhanced public transit 
system is certainly a wise investment of public funds for today--and 
for the future!
Now, I certainly agree that this transit extension would not be as 
valuable to the public, if it only stops at the North Shore. 
Regrettably, the high cost of these public improvement projects 
necessitates them being built in stages.
However, once the North Shore Connector rapid transit project is 
completed, plans should be made and funding sought for extensions of 
this rapid transit system into the neighborhoods of the North Side and 
Ohio Valley. Without eventual extensions to serve the people in the 
neighborhoods, then I would agree that the value of the current 
project is tremendously diminished.