"Major Service Requests 2016" Web Page Problem & Service Request


         To:      Jim Ritchie

         From: Glenn A. Walsh


         Well, I just tried the "Major Service Requests 2016" web page again with a computer at Carnegie Library. The same problem occurred. I fill out fields 1 through 8 with my contact information. Then, when I hit the "Next" button, I receive the following error message: 

         ! The comment you entered is in an invalid format.


         And, of course, I had made no comment because I had never gotten to the Comment box!


         At any rate, here is my service request. Please have it forwarded to the proper department for consideration.


         I would ask that the Port Authority consider restoring service on the Brown Light Rail Transit Line to Allentown and Beltzhoover, AT LEAST DURING THE RUSH HOURS !


         1) The infrastructure exists and will continue to be maintained on that line anyway.


         2) Now that the North Shore Connector is open (which did not exist when the Brown Line was in service), people in the Allentown and Beltzhoover neighborhoods would receive rapid transit service to both Downtown and the Lower North Side.


         3) When Stage I of the Light Rail Transit System Project was proposed, there was debate (including debate at a special public hearing in Pittsburgh City Council) about whether the Allentown Line should be included in the project. One of the reasons the Allentown Line was included in the project (in addition to being a Light Rail Bypass during Trolley Tunnel closures) was to ensure that at least one integrated neighborhood would receive direct benefits of this major public transit improvement. Allentown and Beltzhoover are both integrated neighborhoods, unlike most of the rest of the South Hills. Although some Latinos and African-Americans now live in Beechview, Allentown and Beltzhoover still have much larger minority populations.


         Note that in the 1990s, when the International Hostel opened in Allentown, the Port Authority specifically added Saturday service to the Brown Line, to serve the International Hostel. Regrettably, the 9/11 attacks killed international travel for several years, which killed the Allentown Hostel (the former bank building is now a police station).


         However, now Brown Line service should be restored, AT LEAST DURING THE RUSH HOURS, to provide a good rapid transit service to both Downtown and the North Shore for people living in the integrated neighborhoods of Allentown and Beltzhoover.


         Thanks, Jim, for forwarding this request to the proper department.



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