Statement before                        

Board of Directors,                    

Port Authority of                         
Allegheny County:          

Wilkinsburg Station            


2012 September 28                       

Good morning. I am Glenn A. Walsh, 633 Royce Avenue, Mt. Lebanon, a regular

Light Rail and bus rider who has chosen not to drive a motor vehicle since 1985, to

help save energy, protect the environment, and reduce city traffic congestion. I

have been an active transit advocate for more than 30 years, including 3 terms on

the Allegheny County Transit Council as a Charter Member. Today, the views

expressed by me are my own and do not reflect those of any organization.

In 2003, I addressed the Port Authority Board asking that a walkway be built to the

new Wilkinsburg Station from the original inbound station platform (attached is

my 2003 statement). This would provide a seamless walk for Wilkinsburg residents

coming from the south side of Penn Avenue, and a wheelchair ramp from

Wilkinsburg's Pennsylvania Railroad Station would allow the disabled to reach the

new station without crossing busy Penn Avenue at-grade. And, my request was

supported, unanimously, by Wilkinsburg Borough Council!

PAT officials refused to consider such a walkway, stating that pedestrians crossing

the bus layover area would be in danger. Yet, they did not consider the danger of

pedestrians crossing busy Penn Avenue at-grade, often away from a legal cross-

walk, since any pedestrian accidents on Penn Avenue would not affect PAT's legal


Well, I do not get to Wilkinsburg often, but I was there last month. And, to my

surprise, the walkway I wanted to have built, which PAT refused to build, has now

been built! I do not understand why it took the Port Authority nearly a decade to

understand the value of this walkway to the residents of Wilkinsburg, but I guess

better-late-than-never! So, I want to thank the Port Autority for finally building

this needed walkway.

By the way, a large sign at the Hay Street Stop indicates that there is no pedestrian

access to the Wilkinsburg Station. This sign needs to be replaced with a sign

indicating that there now is pedestrian access to the Wilkinsburg Station!

Thank you.


Attachment: Public Statement Before Port Authority of Allegheny County Board of Directors: “Enhanced Pedestrian Access to New Wilkinsburg Busway Station.” 2003 January 24.

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