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           2018 January 26


Good morning. I am Glenn Walsh, 633 Royce Avenue, Mt. Lebanon, a regular Light Rail and bus rider who has chosen not to drive a motor vehicle since 1985, to help save energy, protect the environment, and reduce city traffic congestion. I have been an active transit advocate for 40 years, including 3 terms on the Allegheny County Transit Council as a Charter Member. My comments today are my own and do not reflect those of any organization.


First, I want to welcome Katharine Eagan Kelleman to Pittsburgh and the Port Authority. Ms. Kelleman, you certainly have your work cut-out for you!


I address you today in complete disbelief that the Port Authority would even consider cutting Mon Valley bus service in half, to implement a so-called Bus Rapid Transit project. Rapid Transit implies greater efficiency, which means PAT should be able to afford more bus service, not less!


Terminating Mon Valley bus service in Oakland means these buses will not have to waste time traveling the most congested part of the city: Oakland to Downtown and back to Oakland. Hence, these buses can turn around and provide additional bus service in the Mon Valley!


If PAT cannot afford to, at least, maintain the same level of bus service in the Mon Valley, then this so-called BRT project should be cancelled!


Thank you.