9 October 2007



The Association of College and University Museums & Galleries (ACUMG), which represents over 400 institutions across the country, joins the Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD) in its statement of condemnation for the proposed sale of four paintings from Randolph Collegeís Maier Museum of Art in order to bolster the general endowment fund.  Further, ACUMG also questions the methodology used to remove the works from the Maier Museum of Art.


Counter to the formal communications issued by the Presidentís Office at Randolph College, there has been little transparency in the discussions and no credence given to the recommendations given by arts and culture professionals engaged to advise the process.  Such a position by the Trustees and the President significantly impact the ability of the Maier Museum of Art to be accreditable by the American Association of Museums (AAM).  It also significantly compromises the future leadership of the museum since no credible professional would take a position with the knowledge that the permanent collection is viewed as a savior for fiscal issues affecting Randolph College


Art and cultural collections - in the public trust under the aegis of academic museums - support the pedagogical program of the college's mission. Thus, the value of a Randolph College education has been compromised by this decision.  Such an action is counter to the ethical and professional standards established by the museum field and sets a dangerous precedent that threatens the viability and integrity of all university collections.  

We stand ready to help the institution navigate this issue which has an impact that is greater than the perceived economic benefits.


On behalf of the ACUMG Board of Directors and Membership




Lisa Tremper Hanover


President, ACUMG

c/o Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art at Ursinus College

P.O. Box 1000

Collegeville, Pennsylvania 19426


(610) 409-3500