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                                                                                                2007 May 11


Maggie Forbes, Executive Director

Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall

300 Beechwood Avenue

Carnegie, Pennsylvania 15106-2699


Dear Maggie:


2007 April 22, marked the 105th anniversary of the official dedication, by Library Donor Andrew Carnegie of the Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall. My congratulations go to the Board of Trustees and loyal staff of this institution for providing a wonderful public service all these many years, often under trying circumstances. As is my custom, April 22 is the day I provide my annual monetary donation to the Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall of one dollar for each year following the official dedication. Enclosed, please find my personal check for $105, made out to the Andrew Carnegie Free Library and dated 2007 April 22.


As you may know, I coordinated public hours for the Library’s Civil War Museum, when I was on the Board. So, I was happy to attend the wonderful April 28 concert, benefiting the Museum.


In April, I did finally see the WQED-TV 13 On-Q piece about the Library. I had heard about the first airing, but had missed it. You may be interested to know that, in addition to the three regular airings that week, the program was also shown on the following Sunday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. The program was very good, and I was happy to see that long-time Library Life Trustee Betsy Martin was interviewed for the program.


Last year, I sent you a letter including an addendum (copy enclosed) with fourteen comments and questions. Thank you for the acknowledgement of my annual contribution, along with your statement that you would send a more detailed, point-by-point, reply to my questions at a later date. I have not, yet, received this “point-by-point” reply. When can I expect that detailed reply?


Good luck with the campaign for the new year, and I will be looking forward to your detailed reply to my fourteen points.


Sincerely yours,




Glenn A. Walsh




Attachments:        Addendum to letter of 2006 April 22

                                Memorandum of 2000 February 1: Restoration of Seating in the Library Music Hall


Copy:     Board of Trustees, Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall

                Diane Ragan, Library Director, Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall