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2008 September 25


Good evening. I am Glenn A. Walsh of 633 Royce Avenue, Mt. Lebanon, a regular viewer and a member of WQED Multimedia. Today, I am representing no formal organization.


At the last Board meeting Paul Byers announced that the reach of WQEX-TV will expand from 1.7 million potential viewers to 2.8 million potential viewers, with the complete conversion to a digital signal next year. This is yet another reason to never sell-off this increasingly valuable asset, WQEX-TV!


Now, I understand the financial constraints of WQED Multimedia. If it is necessary to continue leasing WQEX, for the moment, then so be it. However, some day Pittsburgh’s population and businesses will start growing again. At such a time, we will need and will be able to afford to resume the educational mission of WQEX.


Until that time, this increasingly valuable asset, WQEX-TV, should never be sold!

Thank you.