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County Executive Ignores Residents’ Needs

Taking “Easy Way Out” with PAT Cuts


Pittsburgh, Feb. 7 – The Allegheny County Executive was elected to ensure the provision of important social services, including public transit, “not to find an easy way out of financial problems by simply drastically slashing a budget!” according to long-time public transit advocate Glenn A. Walsh in a prepared statement before the Port Authority Transit (PAT) Board of Directors and staff on Wednesday evening. At the Castle Shannon public hearing, Mr. Walsh added, “He is paid by the taxpayers to come up with solutions that will meet the needs of Allegheny County residents!”


He called on PAT Board members to tell the County Executive “that a 25 percent service reduction plan will, within a few years, destroy public transit in Allegheny County—and no future development plan can recoup the loss of ridership for, or trust in, the Port Authority of Allegheny County.”


Regarding the proposed fare increase, Mr. Walsh said, “To ensure the Port Authority continues to receive adequate revenue, to prevent further service cuts, three fare zones should be maintained during rush hours. Then, as an incentive to attract riders and maximize ridership during non-rush hours, a flat fare can be offered in non-peak hours.”


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