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More Disconnects with The North Shore Connector!

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     One of the most controversial public projects in Pittsburgh over the past many years is that ill-conceived North Shore Connector; the twin tunnels being built underneath the Allegheny River to connect the Golden Triangle to the near North Side.

     We have believed from the very beginning when the original plans for the project were announced that it was one of the worst ideas to come down the pike.  To our way of thinking it was, and is, a totally unnecessary and fanciful idea certain to manifest serious consequences.

     The project’s cost was originally estimated to be $363 million…now it’s up to $435…or is it $465 million…and the sky may be the limit before it’s completed.  As part of the justification for the whole thing was that most of the money would come as a grant from the Federal Transit Administration…funded of course by American tax payers!

     Obviously, the political thinking at the time was…”take the money and run…before some other community gets it for its transit project!”  Our objections to this project include, but are not limited to the following…

     First, it’s unnecessary since there are several bridges already crossing the Allegheny within walking distance to the various North Shore sports and cultural venues…

     Second, it’s a terrible waste of taxpayers dollars which could have been better dedicated to improving public transit to the Oakland medical and cultural centers, serving the city’s largest resident population…

     Third, commerce and residency in the downtown area will be seriously disrupted during its 3 or 4 years of construction; in fact, the project’s barely underway and there are already a myriad of complaints!

     Fourth, we have always believed that the cost estimates for the project were unrealistically too low, and that’s already proving to be true!

     One of the great mysteries is where this idea originated.  In our opinion, it’s obviously yet another hideous example of a monstrous, political boondoggle, but nobody seems willing to accept authorship of its inception.

     Over the years, we’ve tried to find out which of our elected politicians have been Connector project proponents.  But thus far, we haven’t found them.  Is it because the politicians who backed this taxpayer funded endeavor are no longer in office?

     We’d like to have these project political supporters stand up and be recognized.  We and our KQV taxpaying listeners would like to hear from you.  And we’ll give you equal airtime!

     And that’s a promise…Not a threat!



Robert W. Dickey                          


KQV Newsradio


Broadcast: February 22, 23, 24, 2008

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